Aging of the neck results in sagging and heaviness of the skin and soft tissues under the chin and the upper part of the neck. The neck muscles may also separate, producing visible vertical bands that run down the neck. Some patients may also have excess fat under the chin, creating the proverbial double chin or turkey neck appearance.

A neck lift addresses these issues by tightening the neck muscles, repairing separated muscle bands, and removing excess fat and skin. It is usually performed in conjunction with a lower facelift as previously described.

If there is excess fat under the chin, it is first removed by Vaser Liposelection (see Body Contouring section for a description of this technique). The lower facelift incision previously described is extended around the earlobe, along the back of the ear and into the hairline behind the ear. The skin is elevated from the neck muscles. Separated muscle bands are repaired with sutures, and loose muscles are tightened with sutures in an upward direction. Bleeding is meticulously controlled and excess skin is trimmed off before the wounds are carefully and accurately closed with fine sutures. The surgical wounds in the scalp behind the ears are closed with skin staples.

This procedure takes about three to four hours to complete under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation as a day surgery procedure.

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