Motiva Hybrid is a recent concept in breast augmentation that takes breast augmentation to the next level in terms of quality and naturalness of results. The idea here is to use the optimal physical qualities of the Motiva Implants (soft with natural movements) and enhance these qualities further by combining it with your own fat.

In other words, we use a combination of a Motiva Ergonomix Implants that is smaller than what we would normally use, and make up the rest of the desired new breast volume with fat grafting using your own fat that has been harvested from another part of your body. The additional soft tissue padding provided by your own fat means that your new, enhanced breast will look and feel even more natural because surrounding the implant with your own fat means that the margins and edges of the implant will be even better concealed, and the presence a layer of your own fat surrounding the implant will impart an even softer texture and feel.

Of course this procedure is only feasible if the patient has enough excess fat elsewhere on her body that can be harvested and used as donor fat. Common donor sites for fat grafting are the tummy, love handles, inner thighs and outer thighs.
MH Plastic Surgery Divina Device

The planning of a Motiva Hybrid Breast Augmentation is done using the software of the Divina 3D imaging system. Based on your desired bra cup size and your breast dimensions and volume measurements, Divina works out a suggested breast implant volume and fat graft volume for each breast, including taking into consideration the amount of fat volume that will be lost after the fat grafting procedure. This allows us to accurately deliver the planned breast volume (implant plus fat) for each breast.


The actual operation includes the additional steps of fat harvesting, fat processing and fat injection. Fat harvesting is performed as the first step. The donor fat is harvested using special instruments that provide for efficient harvesting with as little trauma as possible so as to preserve the viability of the fat cells as much as possible.


The Breast Augmentation with Motiva Implants is then carried out in the usual way. Meanwhile, the harvested fat is processed using the PureGraft system which removes, with minimal trauma to the fat cells, all the unwanted fluids from the harvested fat, such as blood, serum, oil, and the saline solution that was injected into the fat prior to harvesting. We are thus left with pure, viable, high quality condensed fat ready to be injected.


After the Breast Augmentation is completed and the surgical wounds have been closed, the prepared condensed fat is carefully injected using a fine cannula into the breast on top of and around the implant. This is performed slowly and in small amounts at a time, so that the implant becomes surrounded by a soft, uniform layer of fat with a smooth contour (i.e. not bumpy and uneven). The fat therefore effectively provides an additional envelope of soft tissue padding over and around the implant.

The additional step of fat grafting does not add to the recovery period or downtime significantly. There will be some swelling and bruising on the donor areas, but pain is minimal. The breast itself may also have some additional swelling and bruising, but no additional pain.

The result of a hybrid augmentation will be even more natural than a pure Motiva Implants Augmentation, and it will ultimately make it almost impossible to tell by look and feel that there is an implant inside. A Motiva Hybrid Breast Augmentation can therefore be considered the ultimate and high quality of breast augmentation procedures.

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