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MotivaImagine Center
Motiva Imagine Center

WHAT IS THE MotivaImagine™ Center ALL ABOUT?

The MotivaImagine™ Center is a modern concept in breast augmentation services that aims to provide patients with a different and personalized experience for their breast augmentation journey. This center is now available at MH Plastic Surgery and it is the solitary MotivaImagine Center in Singapore.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE MotivaImagine™ Center?

The main purpose of the MotivaImagine™ Center is to allow prospective patients to develop an in-depth understanding of Motiva breast implants and how these implants can help them to achieve their breast enhancement goals effectively and safely. With thirty years of experience in breast implant manufacturing, Establishment Labs, the maker of Motiva implants, uses high tech and innovative manufacturing techniques to make prime quality implants that enable plastic surgeons to produce aesthetically stellar results with high levels of safety. The fine quality of these implants, when combined with good surgical planning and technique, ensures high levels of patient satisfaction with their results while minimizing risks, complications and unfavorable outcomes.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT AT THE MotivaImagine™ Center?

At the MotivaImagine™ Center, you will receive a personalized one to one detailed consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr Martin Huang, who will provide you with a clear understanding of the benefits of Motiva implants and how they can help to optimize your breast augmentation outcome. Patients will get to see and feel the high quality of the Motiva Implant, including its softness, smooth nano-textured surface and favorable viscoelastic properties. Importantly, patients will get to experience a 3D breast augmentation vision of themselves with the MotivaImagine™ Divina™ imaging device.



Divina™ is a current generation 3D imaging scanner and simulation system that can measure the dimensions of a patient’s chest wall and breasts and calculate breast volume. It is a later and upgraded version of the previously used Crisalix scanning and imaging system. The Divina™software then brings the visualization of a breast augmentation outcome to life, by employing Tissue Behaviour Simulation™ technology which can portray skin elasticity and muscle volume and tone to provide patients with realistic and authentic 3D images of what their breasts would look like after the surgery. Divina™ is also able to produce similar virtual surgical results for patients who are considering the Motiva Hybrid™ procedure.

WHAT IS Motiva Hybrid™?

Motiva Hybrid™ is the combination of using Motiva Implants and fat grafting to achieve a hybrid of implant and the patient’s own fat in the augmented breast. Our fat grafting technique uses PureGraft™ fat processing to achieve maximum survival of the grafted fat cells and hence maximum volume retention of the injected fat. The Motiva Hybrid™ procedure allows patients to achieve an enhanced degree of naturalness of result, because the Motiva breast implant is now surrounded by the injected fat, which provides additional soft tissue coverage of the edges of the implant. This ensures that the margins of the newly augmented breast look like that of a natural breast of the same size. The combination of implant and fat graft can now be planned by calculating the volume of fat graft needed to achieve a particular breast volume when combined with an implant of a chosen size by using the Divina imaging system. This allows the plastic surgeon to create breasts with the desired projection (achieved by the implants), yet with an even softer feel and natural looking margins (achieved by the fat grafts). Divina also has the ability to analyze and work out surgical plans to correct minor asymmetries between the right and left breast, a not uncommon problem among breast augmentation patients.

WHY SHOULD I GO TO THE MotivaImagine™ Center?

At the MotivaImagine™ Center, we will provide you with all the information you need for your breast augmentation journey. You will receive a customized, individualized and accurate 3D picture of the outcome of your procedure. The sophisticated imaging software of Divina will help to clarify any doubts you may have about the choice of implant size and projection. Additionally, you will receive detailed professional advice from Dr Huang and his team of skilled and experienced nurses on implant selection, the surgery process and post-surgical recovery. This information will equip and empower you with the knowledge to go through your breast augmentation journey as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction with the lowest risk of complications.