Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves using breast implants to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. Breast augmentation is desired by women who wish to enhance their breasts because they are too small, or by women who have lost breast volume and shape after pregnancy and breast feeding. It is one of the commonest cosmetic surgery procedures, with high levels of safety and also high levels of patient satisfaction due to the strongly positive impact it has on the patient’s self esteem. Dr Huang has more than twenty five years of experience in this procedure using round, anatomical, and more recently, Motiva Ergonomix silicone breast implants. He has given invited presentations on breast augmentation in plastic surgery professional meetings across Asia, in such countries as South Korea, China and Japan, as well as in South East Asia and the Middle East. You can therefore be assured that you will be in the hands of an experienced and acknowledged specialist.

Breast implants

Silicone gel is the preferred type of breast implant material. There are three main types, based on shape and physical properties: round, anatomical, and Motiva Ergonomix. Round implants are dome shaped and equally full in all parts. Anatomical implants are tear drop shaped and are fuller in the lower part than the upper part. Anatomical implants are natural looking in the upright position but tend to maintain that same shape even when lying down. The current and preferred type of implant is the Motiva Ergonomix implant, which looks like an anatomical implant in the upright position, but changes its shape in a natural way when lying down because the silicone gel within the implant gravitates to the upper part of the breast in that position. More information on the Motiva Ergonomix implant is found below.


What are they? The Motiva Ergonomix is the current generation of silicone breast implant from Establishment labs of the U.S. ( Using modern and sophisticated nanotechnology in its manufacturing process, Motiva produces high quality implants that look and feel more natural, yet are more durable, and are also safe. What are the advantages of Motiva breast implants?
  • They feel soft and natural.
  • They have a natural shape in all positions that changes and moves naturally with breast movements.
  • They have a very low complication rate.
  • Because they so soft (yet strong), they can be inserted through shorter incisions, resulting in shorter scars.
Breast augmentation is one of the commonest cosmetic operations by women who desire breast enhancement. Dr Huang uses careful, measurement based preoperative planning to select the most suitable breast implant for you based on your existing chest and breast dimensions as well as your own desires. He carries out the procedure meticulously and with great attention to technical detail using current and effective surgical techniques via the inframammary dual plane approach. Postoperative care is equally detailed, attentive and proactive to ensure a smooth, pain free and quick recovery. His ultimate goal is to deliver to his patients a high quality, natural looking aesthetic result with a high level of safety and low complication rates. The advent of the Motiva Ergonomix implant has allowed these goals to be achieved to a high standard due to the softness, natural shape and movement and enhanced safety of these implants.
The operation takes about one and a half hours under general anesthesia and is a day surgery procedure. A short incision is made in the inframammary fold (the skin crease along the lower margin of the breast). Please see FAQs below for why Dr Huang prefers this incision. A pocket of space is created to accommodate the implant snugly. This implant pocket is located partly under the chest muscle and partly under the breast tissue. Bleeding is thoroughly controlled. The implant is carefully inserted after soaking it in an antibiotic solution. The wound is closed meticulously without the need for surgical drains.

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