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The Mint (Minimal Invasive Non-Surgical Thread) Lift is a type of thread lift that uses specially designed barbed threads (Mint PDO threads) that when inserted into the facial tissues exert a lifting and skin tightening effect that is immediate, effective, and natural looking. It effectively produces a facelift without the incisions, invasiveness and downtime of a surgical facelift. The results last about one year, and the threads will gradually dissolve over a period of several months.

Mint Lift 2

The Mint Lift is designed for lifting the midface, lower face and jawline. It is a relatively simple office procedure that can be completed under local anesthesia with minimal pain and discomfort. After a thread lift using Mint PDO threads, there may be a feeling of mild tightness, but pain is minimal and well controlled with oral pain medication. There may also be mild swelling and bruising that subsides within a week. The downtime ranges from zero to one week, depending on the degree of swelling and bruising which varies from person to person.

The benefits of Mint PDO threads are the relative simplicity of the Mint Lift procedure, the immediate results, the significant lifting effect, and the fact that the procedure can be repeated every one to two years as required.

Mint Lift 3