JOY™ is the latest all-in-one program developed by Motiva® to help women achieve their desired results from their breast augmentation procedure. This latest offering aims to create a new medical experience by providing technological advancements, combined with holistic and digitised support during every step of the patient’s breast augmentation journey. It guides the patient from the planning stage to their desired results to way beyond the recovery period.

JOY™ by Motiva® designs an optimally augmented breast through the use of advanced technology such as Ergonomix2®, the latest generation of Motiva breast implant. Ergonomix2® combines the innovative features of Motiva Ergonomix® with additional enhancements, allowing patients to achieve an even more natural looking breast that also feels natural and moves naturally.

The JOY™ program also guides women in making informed decisions that ensure their safety. It helps patients to find a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who knows how to use the Ergonomix® and Ergonomix2® implants, and specialises in techniques such as Motiva MinimalScar®, achieving desirable outcomes while minimizing the risk of complications.

Finally, JOY™ creates a support system in various aspects even after your surgery. It gives literal support after your operation by providing a postoperative bra made available through JOY™. The program also provides women assurance for their safety after the operation through the Always Confident Warranty® and Woman’s Choice Program™.

Motiva Ergonomix2®

Breast augmentation under the JOY™ by Motiva® program will be performed using Ergonomix2®, the latest generation of breast implant developed by Motiva®. These implants are designed to enhance the already natural look achieved by Motiva® Implants, with an even softer touch and increased adaptability to movement.

Ergonomix2® combines the advanced features found in other Motiva® Implants with new and innovative enhancements, including:


Motiva SuperSilicones®

Motiva SuperSilicones® are high tensile strength silicones used for the shell of the Ergonomix2® implant. This makes the implant softer than before, yet stronger than before.



BlueSeal+® is a unique feature of Motiva® Implants, which greatly minimizes the bleed of silicone molecules through the implant shell. Because this safety barrier is color coded in blue, it is affectionately known as the “the blue implant.” It is a one of a kind feature which makes it unique among tested commercially available breast implants.



Truemonobloc+™ is a proprietary multi-layered implant manufacturing process that unifies the components of the implant (i.e. shell + gel) into one integrated sterile structure. It allows the implant to be bent, squeezed and distorted out of shape during insertion without sustaining damage, making techniques like the Motiva MinimalScar® possible.



Smoothsilk® is an advanced nanotextured implant surface. The shell’s fine texture improves biocompatibility, reducing the risks of implant-related complications such as capsular contracture, seromas, and breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).


Progressive Gel Última®

Progressive Gel Última® is designed with its own unique set of rheological properties that allows it to achieve the look and movement of natural breasts. It provides a more anatomic shape when sitting or standing but moves slightly with gravity when lying down. This creates a more natural movement due to its better adaptation to movement than other silicone gels tested for use in breast implants.


Qid Safety Technology®

Qid Safety Technology® or QID® is an FDA-cleared Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID), designed for use in humans. It allows healthcare providers to access the important information of the breast implant (e.g. serial number) through scanning outside of the body.

Motiva MinimalScar®


JOY™ by Motiva® works with an exclusive group of world-class plastic surgeons that underwent training to meet the JOY™ quality standards. These surgeons are experienced in innovative breast surgery tools and techniques including Motiva MinimalScar®.

Motiva MinimalScar® enables breast augmentation surgery to completed via minimal incisions and scars. The features of the Ergonomix2® implant allow for it to be inserted with the smallest incision possible. The smaller incision results in a shorter scar and a faster recovery.

The technique is only performed by plastic surgeons who are partners of the JOY™ program. Furthermore, patients under the program will be provided with an exclusive Motiva Bra. This post-operative garment is part of the Ipomia Bra line, specifically designed for women recovering from breast augmentation.

Motiva Warranty Program®

JOY™ prioritises a woman’s safety and peace of mind even after her breast surgery. That is why the program includes multiple warranty programs by Motiva® as support for rare cases of complications that may occur after breast augmentation. Some of the warranty programs include:

Always Confident Warranty®

The Always Confident Warranty® covers cases of rupture for the lifetime of the Motiva® Implants. The program provides a replacement implant, free of charge, to be used for the revision breast surgery.

Product Replacement Policy

Motiva® 's Product Replacement Policy covers cases of Baker Grades III or IV Capsular Contracture within 10 years after the initial breast augmentation. In the case of capsular contracture, a replacement implant will be provided, free of charge.

5Y Extended Warranty Program

Motiva® 's 5Y Extended Warranty Program (for implants with Q Inside® Safety Technology or QID®) is automatically included within the JOY™ program. It covers rare cases of implant rupture and Baker Grades III or IV Capsular Contracture.

The extended warranty program provides replacement implants, including up to 2,500* (USD/EUR/GBP/AUD) financial aid to cover the cost of the revision surgery.

*Subjected to Terms and Conditions

Woman’s Choice Program™

JOY™ by Motiva® gives women the freedom to make their own smart decisions before and after their breast augmentation surgery. JOY™ continues its support even after the procedure with the new Motiva Woman’s Choice Program™.

If the patient decides to have their breast augmentation with Ergonomix2® implants reversed, they have the option to do so, no matter the reason. JOY™ assists its patients in the case that they have a change of mind regarding their surgery. The program also provides financial aid to cover the cost of the operation.

JOY™ by Motiva® program is now available at MH Plastic Surgery.

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