A vertical fold of skin is sometimes present in the inner corner of the eye (the medial canthus). The presence of this fold, known as the epicanthic fold, blunts and shortens the inner corner of the eye and causes the eye to look shorter in the horizontal dimension. The epicanthic fold also creates a downward tension on the skin near the inner corner of the eye, causing the double eyelid crease to collapse in that area and join the medial canthus.

Medial epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure that addresses this condition by removing the excess skin fold.

As a result, the inner corner of the eye becomes sharper and longer, and the eye becomes longer in the horizontal dimension. The double eyelid crease will not collapse near the inner corner. The whole eye looks more attractive as a result.

Although medial epicanthoplasty is not a new procedure, older surgical techniques produced unsightly scars. More recently, modern and refined techniques have been developed that result in inconspicuous scars while correcting the epicanthic fold effectively. Dr Huang adopted an innovative Korean technique and modified and refined it further so that it is effective and yet produces inconspicuous scars. The rounded inner corner of the eyes is opened, lengthened and sharpened, thus enlarging the eyes in the horizontal dimension and enhancing the eyes in the process.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation or intravenous sedation and takes about one and a half hours. Incisions are made along the upper and lower eyelids around the inner corner of the eye. They are strategically placed so that the resulting scars are hardly visible once they have faded. The excess skin and underlying muscle responsible for the epicanthic fold are removed and the skin is redraped so that the inner corner of the eye is more exposed, taut and elongated. The wounds are meticulously closed with multiple fine sutures.

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