Silhouette Soft is a type of thread lift that uses specially designed threads with knots and cones along their length to create a mild lifting effect when inserted into the facial tissues. The threads also stimulate collagen production which produces a gradual skin tightening effect together with a lifting effect on the facial tissues. The results become visible from about two weeks onwards, and optimal results are usually seen at around three months after the procedure. The results are natural and last one to two years. The threads gradually dissolve over a period of twelve months.

Silhouette Soft is a versatile minimally invasive facelift procedure that can be used to lift all parts of the face, i.e. the brow, mid face, lower face and jawline. It is also used to lift and tighten the upper neck. It is a relatively simple office procedure that is completed under local anesthesia with minimal pain and discomfort. After a Silhouette Soft thread lift, there may be a feeling of mild tightness, but pain is minimal and well controlled with oral pain medication. There may also be mild swelling and bruising that subsides within a week. The downtime ranges from zero to one week, depending on the degree of swelling and bruising which varies from person to person.

Silhouette Soft is a safe and effective procedure that produces gradual and natural results. The threads and cones are made of an inert material that does not irritate the tissues, and they dissolve slowly and gradually. This risk of inflammation and infection is very low. With good insertion technique, the risk of the threads inadvertently protruding out of the skin is low. It is a procedure that can repeated every one to two years as required.

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