The Silhouette Lift is a type of threadlift. A threadlift is a minimally invasive facelift technique that uses knotted threads to lift the facial tissues. In addition to knots, the Silhouette thread has cones that are threaded along its length. The threads are inserted into the cheek tissues with a special needle, and each knot and cone serves as a tiny anchorage point that grasps the cheek tissues and lifts it when the threads are pulled upwards.

Another distinguishing feature of the Silhouette lift that makes it different from other thread lift techniques is that the Silhouette threads are not just sewn into the cheek tissues, but they are also stitched down to the muscle in the temple. This allows a stronger, more secure and more lasting lift to be created.

A three cm incision is made in the hair bearing part of the temple. No shaving or cutting of the hair is required. The threads are carefully inserted through the temporal incision into the cheek, one at a time and at just the right depth under the skin. The threads are pulled upwards, stitched to the muscle in the temple, and tied firmly in pairs. Typically, five pairs are used per cheek. This pulls the tissues upwards, creating a strong suspension of the cheek and a secure fixation of the lifting effect. The scalp wounds are then closed with skin staples.

The procedure takes about one and a half hours as a day surgery procedure and can be completed under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

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