A chemical peel is an office based procedure where a chemical solution is used to peel off the outer layer of the skin. This layer is also the oldest and roughest part of the skin, so removing it allows a new layer of younger, better quality skin to replace the old outer layer. At the same time, any blemishes such as pigmentation residing in the outer layer of the skin will also get removed. The result is that pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne scars are improved, and the skin becomes clearer, smoother and tighter.

During the treatment, a mild and transient stinging sensation is felt for a few minutes. This subsides rapidly and there is no pain afterwards. The peeling process takes 5 to 14 days to complete depending on the depth of the peel, during which time the skin looks sunburned.


This is a multi-functional peel designed to (1) remove the outermost layers of skin, (2) stimulate the deeper skin layers for more profound benefits, increasing cellular function, and (3) suppress skin inflammation which can otherwise occur after a peel due to sun exposure, hormonal activity and pollution.

It is used to treat acne, melasma (deep pigmentation), sun damage, wrinkles, rough texture, enlarged pores and dullness.

It is safe and easy to undergo with minimal burning and stinging sensations. The downtime is typically 5 days. A program of four such peels, undergone once a month, will produce a significant overall improvement in skin quality.


The Cosmelan Peel is an alternative peel that is designed to reduce a variety of skin blemishes due to pigmentation, such as melasma, freckles, lentigos, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This improves skin tone and luminosity. It is painless, and is combined with a post-peel home program to maintain results.

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