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Hydrafacial is a high tech, value added medical grade facial that refreshes and rejuvenates tired and aged skin. It uses advanced technology that combines gentle mechanical vacuum suction with simultaneous delivery of topical agents to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, hydrate and protect the skin. These 15 to 20 minute treatments are pleasant, soothing, relaxing and painless, with no downtime. Old and dead cells are exfoliated away, along with superficial blemishes such as pigmentation. Pores are cleansed and refined, and excess oil is thoroughly removed.


Benefits of Hydrafacial

Immediately after the treatment, the skin looks clearer, more radiant and displays a finer texture. It feels cleaner, smoother and refreshed. Hydrafacials are usually done once a week and program of six treatments will usually produce a significant improvement in skin quality.